(Experienced) Entrepreneur In Transition? 

Wondering if you are in the right business?
Too many ideas or overthinking?
Ready for your next venture?

Looking for frank and personalised transition advice,
so you can eradicate the overwhelm, nail down your
best options AND design your ideal business? 

Want to work 1: 1 with an experienced Transition Advisor
who "gets" highly driven people, doesn't sign you up for a lengthy  programme AND who 
is known for delivering clarity and results FAST? 
Entrepreneur in Transition - Does This Sound Like You?
-You are overwhelmed by too many ideas & interests & need help nailing down your best options & get focused?

- You are an entrepreneur who has sold or excited your last business & ready for a new venture...One that you actually want to run & that suits this stage of your life?

- You are an entrepreneur currently running a business, but wondering if it's really the best option for you or if should be doing something different (or if you just ned to redesign the business or your role)?

- You want to know if the idea/concept you are working on is the “right thing” (or if there is a better option you just don’t know about…yet)?

- You’ve already done quite a bit of (over)thinking, analysing, researching and attendeding workshops and read books, but just keep getting (even more) distracted, confused or sidetracked…?

-You are tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself (and wasting precious time & resources) - And ready to get back into the game? 

Where Would YOU Like To Be
12 weeks from now? 
Fired up about your new business concept and already test driving
aspects of it to get real world feedback from your clients and the market?
Relieved that you don’t have to "throw it all away" or "start from scratch again" because a revamp of your current business
 (and your role within it) is the solution. 
Focused and clear about your best options and 
ready to make your new venture happen?
“Before I worked with Rikke, I was one of those people who seemed almost like a modern cliche. I was ‘successful’ in my entrepreneurial career as a speaker and consultant and had a waiting list of clients hoping to work with me. Still though, something was missing. I was no longer engaged in my business (ironic, given that I had complete control over it).

Rikke helped me see the blind spots in my business that were zapping me of energy and enjoyment (not to mention money). I walked away with clear actionable suggestions on how to make the changes needed so I would fall back in love with my work.

 Today, thanks to Rikke’s guidance and expertise, I wake up excited about my new business. I hadn’t felt that way in years.”
- Jason Connell

(Transition: From Speaker To Writer)

Ready to fast-track YOUR transition?

Through a tailored 1:1 programme, I will personally help you move out of overwhelm and confusion by giving you the solid level of professional advice, focus AND accountability it truly takes to identify and design your ideal next or revamped business - FAST.

You can be based anywhere in the world - We'll connect via Skype (though for your Business Design Session we can also meet face-to-face in London, UK). 

If you are tired of lengthy, fluffy "coaching" programmes where nothing much happens and where you just go further down the navel gazing road and are ready to get concrete advice and clarity for the real world FAST instead, this is for you- I take the advisory approach and am happy to tell you exactly what I think you ought to do (as opposed to just asking you questions). 

No pie in the sky here - I've spent the last 12 years helping over 600+ clients from all over the world refocus, change careers or start/re-orient on the entrepreneurial path (and advised thousands more via talks, workshops and online channels). Huffington Post, The Guardian and The Observer have featured me as an internationally recognised transition expert both on and offline. 

My corporate background was in Human Resources for Morgan Stanley, Citigroup Asset Management and Shell, so I'm used to the most intimidating and demanding of clients . If you are the high driven type and used to having to tone it down? Don't worry - I can handle  you.  Same for extreme introverts who are worried about how they come across - I get ya. We odd ones out gotta stick together!
My 1:1 Programmes Are Designed 
To Deliver The Following Results: 
  • Taking you from overwhelm to implementation: I will advise you as to how much of a change you really need, help you identify and design your ideal business AND start creating it!
  • Concrete, frank, personalized & client-tested advice from one of the world’s most experienced transition experts (Get ready to challenge your limiting beliefs, stop self-sabotage and save years of overthinking & costly mistakes). 
  • Show you how to translate your ideas, passions and personality into a concrete business that engages you,  is meaningful and still pays the bills. 
  • Develop THE Game Plan to help you overcome distractions and overwhelm, so you know exactly what to focus on, how and when - No more going around in circles or wasting your time/life away. 
  •  Accountability, motivation and trouble shooting advice when you need it most, so you can stay on track.
  • Make 2018 the year you (finally) nail down your best options, so you can get unstuck and move on!
Here's what you should know:
 I'm NOT for everyone.
I want to make sure working with me will be the best investment you make in yourself this year (and that we get on like a house on fire). So before we jump on a Call to discuss working together, please submit the application below.
Action: Click the button below, submit the form and  you'll hear back from me within 72 hours. 

Keen to know your best options, so you can move on?
This is for you if:

You are an entrepreneur in transition looking for your next business/venture OR questioning your current one

You are ready to make your transition a key priority now

You are willing to invest in professional advice 

You are highly driven, smart or overwhelmed & already have ideas and options you want me to advise you on

This is NOT for you if: 

You are not an entrepreneur yet
(Contact me about the "Escape Game Plan"  instead)

You are only window shopping & not ready to commit

You need a lot of hand holding & emotional support

You have no idea(s) as to what you want to do next OR are still way too raw from your exit to move on

Want to experience massive clarity, focus 
& results over the next 12 weeks already?

Done trying to figure it all out by yourself?

It's time for you to Get A Game Plan, so you can stop going around in 
circles and start creating or re-designing your ideal business FAST

Talk To You Soon!
Note: I only work 1:1 with a limited number of new clients each month - Please only get in touch if you are serious 
about your transition AND ready to invest in professional advice. This is not some cheap life coaching programme.
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