Are you an aspiring career changer or entrepreneur?

Smart, but stuck or overwhelmed? 

Professional in your 30s or 40s? 

Don't know which one of your (many) ideas to focus on
 or what your best transition options even are at this stage in your life? 

Ready to break the start-stop-start-stop cycle  
 & work with a professional, so you can
 (finally) nail that transition? 

Then you are in the right place
- Keep reading!

Work with Rikke to go from fed up employee
to fired up career changer or entrepreneur
 - Faster and more confidently. 

"Before working with Rikke, I was stuck.
 I had too many ideas and couldn't seem to focus or make meaningful progress. 

Rikke was able to cut through my self-imposed barriers to get to
 what's truly importantand what to prioritise for now. 
As a result my focus was narrowed to the point where I can 
clearly see what I'm aiming for and how to make it happen. 

Rikke's creativity, innovation and enthusiasm is contagious! 
She is a boost of motivation and I can't see a situation where she wouldn't 
be able to add value. Highly, highly recommended!"

- Laura C
From Law to Property Entrepreneur

Here's How We Can Work Together:

Your Career Change Map
Accelerator Programme:

Work with me in a small group online to figure out what your ideal career or business is.
(This is how the majority of my clients currently work with me). 

The programme is perfect for you if you want a step-by-step process for identifying 
your best options and ideas for this stage in your life.
 And for (finally) deciding how much of a change you really need and why. 

Completing Your Career Change Map will help you (once and for all) figure out whether you 
just need a change within your current career or if a full career change or a 
move into entrepreneurship is the right choice for you.   

Please email me at if you would
 like more information about this programme. 


Your Escape Game Plan
1:1 Bespoke Transition Programme:

Work with me 1:1 to identify and design your unique career path or business. 
We'll work closely together to make sure you confidently make the best choice. 

This bespoke programme is perfect for you if you already have some idea (or too many) 
as to what you want to do next, but want professional advice, support and accountability to decide which idea to pursue and a plan for getting it off the ground - Faster and more confidently. 

If you don't have any ideas yet, then Your Career Change Map is for you (see above). 

Click HERE to learn more
(Note - I open up just 2 new client slots each month
- Click on the link above to learn more
 + Schedule a call to see if we are a perfect fit) 


And it's not just because I have 12+ years of experience and successful client results from having worked
with hundreds of clients from all the UK, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

I know exactly how to confidently take you through the intimidating process of deciding what's next. 
Even when you think you have no options or when you have a million ideas and can't narrow them down.
I've developed this ability from years of designing and identifying "perfect fit" 
careers and business for unique human beings just like you. 

Even though I'm a career changer and former corporate professional myself,
 I don't rely on a "how I did it and how you can do it too" blogger-style approach.
As a result of heading up a global career transition consultancy since 2005,
 I've been able to identify the exact key strategies and approaches that most CONSISTENTLY
work when it comes to successfully changing careers or starting your own business in your 30s and 40s 
- No subjective guess work or one-trick pony tips - I only teach what is proven to work in the real world!

I know the mental game you are up against - Intimately.
 My clients are smart, perfectionistic, overthinking professionals just like you. 
I can tell you exactly which self-sabotage strategy is derailing all of your efforts
 (and what to replace it with instead to (finally) make your transition happen).

I know the fears and worries that keep you awake at 4AM...But more importantly,
I have an in-depth understanding of how the transition process works in the current economy
 - Let me show you what worries and fears to address (few) and which ones to ignore (many).
Just imagine the time and energy this will free up for you!

Most aspiring career changers and entrepreneurs never get their dreams and ideas out of their own head 
 - Real life experimentation is built into every single of my programmes to address this. 

Getting out of your head and into action is the only way you will ever create meaningful work - 
And the time is now - Let's do this (together)!

“Your Career Change Map helped me spark the realisation that I am ready
(and hungry!) to start up my own business. 

Before starting the programme I knew I was in the wrong job, but had no idea
 what to do next or where to search for a more ideal fit. However, by Month 3 
I had sparked an idea for a consultancy which brings together various sources of
 my success and happiness to date – Amazing outcome!

Rikke helps catalyse and crystallise ideas that may have been lurking somewhere deep down inside. 
The programme structure, insightful resources and Group Q&A Accountability Calls
 (and the accountability these bring) is an amazing catalyst for change.” 

SJ Dowman
(Transition: Employee to Consultancy Owner)

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