Dear Overthinking, Overwhelmed Or Stuck (But Smart!) Career Changer In Your 30s, 40s Or 50s... 

Want To Know EXACTLY What To Focus On & Do To Figure Out What YOUR Best Career Change Or Own Business Options Are? 

Apply Now To Work With Rikke + Join Your Career Change Map:
The Personal Advice,1:1 Check-Ins & Step-By-Step Video Training You Need To (Finally) Get Your Transition Off The Ground - WITHOUT Risking It All, Quitting Your Job Too Early Or Starting From Scratch!

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What Is Your Career Change Map?

Your Career Change Map Is A 4-Month Program Combining Getting Personal Advice From Rikke Via 1:1 Check-Ins With Access To A Proven Career Change Framework That You Go Through In Your Own Time By Watching Practical (& Entertaining!) Video Masterclasses - All Step By Step. 

Designed To
 Help YOU Figure Out What YOUR Best Career Change & Own Business Options Are, So You Can Get Your Career Transition Off To A Flying Start (& Keep Going)!

(All Hosted Online & Designed To Be Completed Alongside A Full-Time Job + You Get An Extra 8 Months Access To The Masterclasses)
Your Career Change Map Is A 4-Month Career Change Program Combining Getting Personal Advice From Rikke With Self-Directed Video Learning - Designed To Help YOU (Finally!) Figure Out What Your Best Career Change & Own Business Options Are.
(All Hosted Online)
Want To Get Your Transition Off To A Flying Start (Or Back On Track) Once And For All?
Faster & More Confidently?
This Is For You!

 You'll Find An FAQ + Application Form At The Bottom Of This Page 

Who This Program Is For

Tired Of Feeling Like This?

  • Keep Getting Caught In Overthinking Loops?
  • ​Perfectionism Or Fear Of Failure Holding You Back? 
  • ​​Default To "More Research" Instead Of Taking (Any) Action?
  • ​​Worried About Starting From Scratch Or Regretting It Later?  
  • ​Keep Thinking Of All The Reasons Why Your Ideas Won't Work?
Too Many ideas/"Projects"?
  • Constantly Bouncing Between Ideas & Can't Decide? 
  • ​Brain Feels Like A Popcorn Machine Of (Too Many) Ideas?
  • Fear Of Commitment= New Sidetracking "Projects"/Ideas?
  • Multi-Passionate, Creative or Entrepreneurial? 
  • ​Keep Starting & Stopping, But Never Completing Anything? 
No (Concrete) Options?
  • Feel Limited By Your Career History / Profession?
  • ​"I've Always Been In Finance/Law/ IT Etc - What Now?"
  • ​Comfort Zone / Golden Handcuff Concerns?
  • ​Worried You Are Not "Qualified" For Anything Else?  
  • ​Should You Just Be Grateful For The Job You DO Have? 
Am I Inside Your Head Already? ;) 

Here's The Good News:

There Has Never Been A Better Time To Change Careers Or Start Your Own Business - Especially As A Professional Over 35!

However...The Problem Is: 

Most Aspiring Career Changers Have:

- NO Concrete Plan
- NO Proven Framework
- NO Motivating Timeline
- NO Professional Guidance 
- No Futureproofing Training

To Follow Or Guide Them. 
So they remain stuck in soul-sucking jobs and careers, often wasting years (even decades) just going around in circles, trying to figure it out by themselves or hoping to (somehow) "find their passion"...

The Result?

  •  Never figuring out WHAT they really want
    (They Just Know What They DON'T Want!)
  • ​Never Deciding WHAT Career Or Business Is Right For them
    (Therefore Never Experiencing Their Full Work Potential)
  • ​Might Get So Frustrated/Desperate They End Up Making A Knee Jerk Move
    (And End Up Even Worse Off In Their New Job/Career/Business)
  • ​Convincing Themselves They Should Just Be Grateful To Have A Job
    (And Cope On Auto Pilot, Living For Their Next Vacation Or "Someday" Mode)
  • Feeling ​Stuck, Burnt Out Or Fed Up...
    (Or All 3!)

How About You? 

Done With Going Around In Circles, Starting & Stopping? 

Ready To Move Past Sporadic DIY Stabs At Making A Change? 

Want To (FINALLY!) Start Creating A Career Or Business You Can Get Excited About Instead?!

Hey - It's Rikke Here - I Can Help You!
You probably already know me from The Career Change Podcast :)

Every day I help people just like you go from overwhelmed, confused or unfulfilled to getting clarity, confidence and results IN THE REAL WORLD. 

As a professional Career Change Advisor & Entrepreneur I've already spent the last 18 years+ developing and using my 3-phase Career Transition Framework to help over 700 1:1 clients change or refocus their career or start their own business - I've also advised thousands more via online courses, talks, workshops and online outlets globally (including the BBC, The Guardian and Huffington Post). 

Having spent my former life working in Human Resources for Morgan Stanley, Shell and Citigroup Asset Management in London, I also know on a deep personal level what it feels like to be stuck/trapped, unfulfilled and burnt out in a corporate job/career that no longer feels like you. 

Most importantly though - I can tell you exactly what it takes to figure out what you want instead - Just like I've done for my hundreds of career change clients since 2005 - No pie in the sky or vague fluff here!
Confidence building + myth busting
“before joining I thought I had to Go back to university if I wanted to change careers...”
"Your Career Change Map is great value if you are stuck in your current job and nervous about making a change (lack of confidence/self-belief) or don't think it's possible."

"Before joining I thought I had to go back to university or be employed at the lowest level to make a change - However, by doing this programme I realised there are so many other options." 

"It has literally been life-changing - Thank you so much Rikke!"

Nicola b
From Accounting To 
Yoga For Pro Athletes
Get OUt oF Your Head!
"A framework for taking real-life action = perfect for overthinkers!"
"When I signed up for Your Career Change Map, I was totally burnt out and felt like I had to do something drastic to get out. Now, I feel a much greater sense of clarity and have a clear path, which has really given me confidence to move forward."

"Rikke can see right through all the excuses people make - She delivers real, actionable content, rather than some woolly anecdotal commentary about finding your passion." 

"The pace forces you to keep up momentum, stay accountable and stop the endless navel-gazing or research that can otherwise take over - As a classic overthinker this made all the difference to me - Rikke gave me a framework for taking real-life action."
Nicola J
From London Law To Charity Consulting By Sea
Direct & Honest Advice
"Am I crazy for wanting to quit my cushy corporate job and do my own thing?"
"I just couldn't recommend Rikke highly enough. The fact that she really understands my professional background from her own experience gave me a lot of comfort and I love how direct and honest she is."

"Before joining, I think my biggest issue was around whether my real issue was JUST my current job OR my ENTIRE profession and following that, could I just be the person that checks in and out of work without identifying it and was I crazy for wanting to leave a high flying well paid job for something (my own business) I thought I'd like but had no proof of!"

"Should you work with Rikke? Listen to her podcast and if you relate to what's going on there, Rikke will help you."
David O
From Corporate Finance To Wellness Advisor
What You Need Is A PROVEN Framework
And PERSONAL Advice For Your Unique Scenario!

Your Career Change Map!

Your Career Change Map Is A 4-Month Program Combining Getting Personal Advice From Rikke Via 1:1 Check-Ins With Access To A Proven Career Change Framework That You Go Through In Your Own Time By Watching Practical (& Entertaining!) Video Masterclasses - All Step By Step. 

Designed To Help YOU Figure Out What YOUR Best Career Change & Own Business Options Are, So You Can Get Your Career Transition Off To A Flying Start (& Keep Going)!
What You Get When You Join This Program From Anywhere In The World



THE Video Training Curriculum For Figuring Out WHAT You Want Next:
15+ Video Masterclasses + Resources & Workbooks 

Get Self-Directed Access To My Proven 3-Phase Career Transition Framework which includes video training on my proprietary and most effective methods, strategies and carefully selected resources that I've successfully used with my private clients for years (+ All fully updated and designed for this New World OF Work of the 2020s).

Everything you need to identify and design YOUR best career or business options - All step by step- No more wondering what (not) to focus on, in what order and when! 

This "Watch & Learn In Your Own Time" Curriculum of 15+ pre-recorded video Masterclasses is rolled out over 6 weeks (see schedule and curriculum outline below) to ensure real-life implementation (vs a Netflix binge). Everything is hosted on a world-class website where you can stream the videos 24/7 from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

Note: Even After The 4 Months Of The Program Come To An End, You'll Still Be Able To Stream These Masterclasses For A Further 8 Months.

Get A Bespoke Game plan From Rikke:
your Own personal career Change Review +  prescription from rikke

1 x Bespoke Audio Recording + Rikke's Time Reviewing Your Phase 1 Career Review Questionnaire + Workbook 1

I'll Personally Review Your Phase 1 Coursework & Record A Bespoke Audio Prescription Tailored To You! (Offered Weeks 2-8 Only)

As soon as you join Your Career Change Map, you'll get access to the Phase 1 Video Masterclasses and can start working on The Career Review Questionnaire & Workbook 1 (the same I use for my 1:1 clients to help me prepare to advise them). Once completed - You email both to me to review. This will ensure you get 100% focused AND that I will get to know you (really well) from the beginning - Let me help you sort out your overwhelm, overthinking and distractions!

These proprietary documents are designed to give both you and me a deep level of insight into your unique career change scenario, challenges and opportunities. They will quickly help you identify how much and what kind of career change you actually need + What to focus on now  (+ What to leave behind + What to do about your current profession!). 
They will also show you how to figure out what you are (already) good at + What to build on (so you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater or go empty-handed into what's next). And if you have way too many ideas - This is your chance to get my eagle eye on them to pick the few that matter!

Once I've reviewed your input, I'll audio record your PERSONAL CAREER CHANGE PRESCRIPTION, so you know exactly what to focus on to get the most out of the program - Talk about a QUICK WIN!

Get 1:1 Check-Ins & Accountability With Rikke: 

2 x 1:1 Private Voicemail Coaching Check-In/Month
(Using Voxer Or WhatsApp)

= 6 x 1:1 Private Voicemail Checkins With Rikke (Month 2-4 Only):
You and I will have an asynchronous  100% confidential voicemail check-in twice a month (on the first AND third Thursday of the month). Just record a 5 minute message (ahead of the check-in day) with your most burning questions about how to implement what you are learning & I'll reply with personalised strategies & advice to get you unstuck & focused!

Just imagine how much faster and confidently you can approach your career transition or design your first business when you have 1:1 access to ask me your most personal questions when you need it most - And know you'll get a frank and practical answer based on how things work in the real world - Especially for people over 35!

Want Accountability, Professional Advice & A Time Frame To Focus & Motivate You? 
Most people approach online programs with a Netflix mindset - They watch all the videos in one go (or never get around to it!), but then do nothing else. Not on my watch! Your Career Change Map is designed with real-world implementation, experimentation and results in mind. 

Whilst you will work your way through the pre-recored Masterclasses in your own time, you can rest assured I'm right there to help you make sure you are "doing it right" (hello perfectionists;), applying what you are learning to your unique scenario (without overwhelm!) and helping get out of your comfort zone and make decisions.

By joining Your Career Change map, you'll benefit from my over 18 years experience as a career change advisor and business owner - It's like your own personal The Career Change Podcast show twice a month!

NOTE: Due to the interactive nature of this program = Limited spaces available = Apply today to secure yours!

Designed to be completed alongside a full-time job.

By The End Of This Program, You'll Be Able To:

  • Identify & Design YOUR Best Career Change Or Own Business Options!
  • ​Know Where & How To ​Find Or Narrow Down Your Best Options!
  • ​Identify What You ALREADY Have To Offer, So You Don't Have To Start From Scratch After 35!
  • ​Decide What Meaningful & Exciting Work Means To You, So You Can Start Creating It!
  • Future-proof + Feel More Confident & At Home In The New World Of Work As A Career Changer Over 35!
  • ​Handle Overthinking, Perfectionism & Idea Overwhelm, So You Can Stop The Self-Sabotage & Procrastination!
  • ​Make The Best Decision About Your Current Job/Career, So You Minimise Risk, Regret & Don't Throw It All Away!
  • ​Stay Focused & Motivated, So You Can Finally Move On (At The Right Time) + Keep Going!


(What You'll Learn & Do Inside Of Your Career Change Map)

The Proven Career Change FRAMEWORK Training You'll Get Access To When You Join
- 3 Distinct Phases So You Know Exactly What To Focus On & Do To Figure What Career Or Business Is Right For You After 35!

Delivered Online Via 15+ Step By Step Video Masterclasses
 + Workbooks & Resources = Fit The Learning Around Your Schedule!

I've distilled my 18 years+ of solid experience as a professional career change advisor into a PROVEN 3-Phase Career Change FRAMEWORK designed specifically for professionals over 35 with all of the challenges and opportunities they face. 

No more second guessing what to spend your limited time on - This Program will actually SAVE you time!

As soon as you join this program, you'll get access to the framework via a series of (pre-recorded) video Masterclasses taking you through the transition process - Step by step. 

You'll know exactly what to focus on for each phase (& in what order) as I walk you through the best principles, strategies and practical exercises I've successfully used with my 700+ 1:1 clients - This is a proven, results-focused curriculum!
Here's A (Brief) Overview Of The 3 Phases / Video Masterclass Curriculum Which Will Be Rolled Out Over 6 Weeks From The Date You Join (All Hosted Online).

(Note: After The 4 Months Of The Program Come To An End, You Get An Extra 8 Months Of Access To The Masterclasses)

Phase 1 (Instant Access):
Start With A Solid Foundation & Solve The Right Problem!

Phase 1


Decide What Kind & How Much Of A Change You Really Want
 (+ No More Second Guessing What to Do About Your Current Career/Job!)

How To Avoid Starting From Scratch Or Throwing It All Away By Building (On) A Solid Foundation  
(Vital When You Are Over 35 !)

PHAse 1: Start With A solid Foundation & solve the right problem
Diagnosing Your Problem BEFORE Looking For Solutions Is Rule #1 For A Successful Career Transition Or For Starting The Right Business IF You Want To Minimise Risk & Regret.

In Phase 1 I'll Show You Exactly How To Do This, So You Can Fast-Track Your Career Change AND Save Tons Of Energy, Time And Money AND Put Yourself On The Track To Making Your Career Change Inevitable From The Very Start.

How You Start Your Transition (Or How You Get It Back On Track If You Are Stuck Right Now) AND The Foundation You Choose To Build It On Will Literally Make Or Break Your Chances Of Successfully Changing Careers Or Starting That Business - Which Is Why No Matter What Stage People Are At When They Come To Me For Help, This Phase 1 Is Where We ALWAYS Start: We Focus On Making Sure We Solve The Right Problem + Making Sure You Don't Have To Start From Scratch Again! 

Here's Why: Most Professionals Over 35 Sabotage Themselves Right Out Of The Gate By Not Getting Absolutely Clear On Why (Or Even If) They Need A Career Change. As A Result They End Up Looking For “Solutions” In All The Wrong Places, Which Is Why None Of Them Feel Right, Realistic Or Actually Solve The Problem (Have You Noticed?). 

Or They Get So Fed Up They Make A Knee-Jerk Move By Risking It All And End Up Replicating The Exact Same Pain Points In Their Own Business/Next Career... Let Me Show You What To Do Instead!

I'll Also Teach You How To Build A Powerful Foundation By Identifying Your Strongest Skills, Achievements & Advantages Up Front, So You Never Have To Go Empty-Handed Into What's Next. 

Changing Careers Or Starting A Business In Your 30s, 40s or 50s Requires A Way More Intelligent & Robust Approach Than "Just Follow Your Passion" Or "Just Go For It" - This Framework Is Designed To Show You How To Make YOURS Happen In The Real World When You Are No Longer 25!

Phase 1: You Get Instant Access + All Masterclasses Are Hosted On A World-Class Online Platform = Stream 24/7 From Anywhere In The World!

What you'll learn / Do In the masterclasses:
The Exact HOW-TO For Getting Your Career Change Off To A Flying Start (Or Back On Track) ONCE AND FOR ALL! 
This Is Where I Start With ALL Of My Clients - No Matter What.

The Career & Life Review Method: How Life leaves clues & why age can be your biggest advantage= Use specific insights to figure out what's next. 

Solve The Right Problem: How to figure out what kind & how much of a career change you really need/want + Why!

The "Is It Just This Job OR Is It My Entire Profession That's The (Real) Problem Test?": How to decide what to do about your current profession / job (So you can stop second-guessing yourself & minimise risk & regret).

The Career Review Questionnaire: Get Access To My Most Powerful Tool for figuring the exact level of change you need & to nail down what to leave behind and what to continue to build on. Get ready for aha-moments!

Workbook 1: How To Think Like A Career Change Expert/Rikke: I'll tell you exactly what to look for and do!

Establish Your Foundation: Learn to identify your strongest skills & achievements (So you don't have to start from scratch or throw it all away!).

How To Build Solid Reality-Checks Into Your Transition ASAP (= Less overthinking, time wasting, risk & second-guessing!).

Best Options List: How to identify your best career or business ideas so far (+ get rid of the timewasters early on!).

Your Stop Doing List: How to avoid replicating the same problems & issues in your next career / own business!

Your Asset List: The antidote to "I don't know what I'm good at/what my skills are" - No more thinking you are just an employee or just your job title etc.

Phase 1 Decision Making Wrap-Up:  What decisions you MUST make early on to avoid self-doubt and procrastination. 
Get Started (Or Back On Track) - Once And For All!

Most Professionals Over 35 Sabotage Themselves Right Out Of The Gate By Not Getting Absolutely Clear On Why (Or Even If) They Need A Career Change + How Much Of A Change Is Truly Needed And Possible At This Stage In Their Life.

As A Result They Waste Their Time Looking For “Solutions” In All The Wrong Places, Which Is Why None Of Them Feel Right, Realistic Or Actually Solve The Problem (Have You Noticed?!).

Or They Make A Knee-Jerk Move And End Up Risking It All Or Replicating The Exact Same Pain Points (Or Worse) In Their Own Business/Next Career Or Job... 

...Which I Why I Want To Show You The Exact How-To For Getting Your Career Change Off To A Flying Start ONCE AND FOR ALL! Phase 1 Is Where I Start With ALL Of My Clients - No Matter Where They Are At.

You'll Also Learn How To Establish Your Own Powerful Foundation By Identifying The Skills, Achievements & Advantages You ALREADY Have To Offer, So You Don't Risk Going Empty-Handed Into What's Next. 
  • ​Complete The Career & Life Review Method 
  • ​Identify Your Real Career Pain Points & Problems To Be Solved (So You Don't Risk Replicating Them!)
  • ​Decide How Much & What Kind Of Change Is Truly Needed (So You Don't End Up Worse Than Now!)
  • ​Access THE Career Review Questionnaire = My Most Powerful Tool For Getting Clarity & Focus FAST!
  • Apply The "Is It Just My Job OR Is It My Entire Profession That's The (Real) Problem?" Litmus Test
  • How To Avoid "Starting From Scratch" Or Throwing It All Away" By Establishing Your Existing Foundation
  • ​How To Identify What You Are (Already) Good At & What To Call That! (Vs. Proceeding Empty-Handed)
  • ​Why You Shouldn't Just Look For Another Job - Even If You Still Want To Work For Someone Else
  • ​How To Proceed/Deal With Self-Sabotage & Excuses
  • ​How To Think + Decide Like A Career Change Expert
  • Know What To Stop Doing / Leave Behind For Good!​
  • ​The Decisions You MUST Make BEFORE Looking At Any Other Careers, Businesses Or Bigger Changes
  • ​The Exact "How To" For Getting Started Or Back On Track With Your Transition ONCE AND FOR ALL!

PHASE 2 (Released 3 Weeks In):
Explore The New World Of Work & Find YOUR Best Options

Whether You Have Too Many Ideas Or None At All (Or You Keep Overthinking/Talking Yourself Out Of Them), In Phase 2 You'll Learn Exactly WHERE + HOW To Find / Decide On Your Best Options - WITHOUT Overwhelm!

As A Professional over 35, You’ve Likely Spent The Last 10-15+ Years In The Same Profession, Job Or Line Of Work - So You Are Probably Wondering What Else You Could Possibly Be Qualified For Now.

As A Result You Are Currently Only Aware Of 10% Of The Things You Could Do Next. And Likely Dismissing The Ones You Would Most Love To Explore As "Unrealistic" Due To Your Career History. Or You Are Overwhelming Yourself With Way Too Many Ideas. 

In Phase 2 I'll Help You Dramatically Increase Or Focus Your Career Change/Business Options & Help You Understand That Your Past Does Not Have To Limit Or Dictate What You Do Next!

You'll Learn How To Curate/Design Your Next Career/ Own Business Ingredient By Ingredient + Know The Exact Categories To Focus On To Make Sure You Only Look At Options That Are Meaningful To You AND Actually Solve Your Current Career Issues Rather Than Making Them Worse - Focus Is Key Here!
  • ​Why There Has Never Been A Better Time To Change Careers Or Start Your Own Business After 35
  • ​Where & How To Find YOUR Best Options (Get Access To Rikke's Rolodex Of Resources!)
  • ​Why Thinking Like An Employee Is Limiting Your Options & What To Focus On Instead To Expand
  • ​Optimize: How To Decide What Priorities, Values & Themes Matter MOST To You At This Age
  • ​Constraints: How To Assess + Handle Meaningfully
  •  The New World Of Work - How It Really Works Now
  • ​Why The Era Of Professions Is Over (& What Comes Next + How To Use That To Your Advantage)
  • ​How To Make Your Past Career Work In Your Favour 
  • ​Career Change Or Own Business ? How To Decide
  • ​​Too Many Passions/Ideas? How To Narrow & Combine In Order To Stay Focused vs. Scattered!
  • ​No Passion? No Problem! Learn What To Do Instead
  • ​Idea Generator Techniques For No-Ideasters
  • ​Discover New Ways Of Working & Find Your Best Fit
  • ​The Overwhelm Cure Part 1: How To Avoid Information Overwhelm & Stay Focused!
  • ​The Overwhelm Cure Part 2: The Non-Negotiable Decisions You Must Make Before Exploring Options!
  • ​How To Handle Analysis Paralysis & Perfectionism

PHASE 3 (Released 6 Weeks In):
Identify & Design Your Best Career Or Business & Start Changing!

By The End Of This Phase, You'll Have YOUR Best Career Or Business Option(s) Outlined On Your Own Wall At Home, So You Can Start Test Driving Them In Real Life BEFORE Quitting Your Job Or Taking Any Crazy Risks. And To Figure Out If You'll Even Like It!

Most Aspiring Career Changers Never Get Any Further Than The Research Stage Because They Literally Drown In Too Much Information And Become Paralyzed By Indecision And Fear. Or They Don’t Have The Professional Advice To Help Them Figure Out If Their Options Are Realistic Or Even Right For Them. But Not My Clients - I Look After Them!

I’m Going To Walk You Through How YOU Can Design Your Ideal Career Or Business - Step By Step - Using All Of The Input (& Decisions!) You've Collected In Phase 1 & Phase 2.

As A Result, You'll Have The Focus, Confidence And Clarity To (Finally) Start Changing, Test Driving & Moving On - Knowing You've ALREADY Made The Best Possible Decisions & Laid The Best Possible Foundation For Success UP FRONT.

"I Would Never Have Had The Confidence To Go Ahead With My Career Change Without Rikke's Help!"
Is The Feedback I Hear Most Frequently From My Your Career Change Map Clients!

Imagine How Amazing It Will Feel To Have Designed YOUR Best Career Or Business Options - Just 4 Months From Now (If You Apply today!).
  • Learn My Proprietary Career & Business Design Methods For Meaningful/Realistic Design, Including:
  • ​"The Post-It Method" & "The Wonderwall Method"
  • ​How To Get Ideas Out Of Your Head & Into Reality
  • If Starting Your Own Business / Portfolio Career Is The Best Way For You To Change Careers 
  • ​If Making A Change Within Your Current Career OR Making A Bigger Career Change Is Best For You Now
  • ​Nail Your Top 3 / Frontrunner, Combo & Fallback
  • ​The Multi-Passionate Secret: How To Combine Or Ditch Your Ideas For A Much Better Fit!
  • ​The No-Ideaster Technique: How To Broaden Your Options If/When You Feel Stuck
  • ​The  "Avoid Starting From Scratch Over 35" Secrets 
  • The Overthinker Antidote: Experiments & Iteration
  • ​20+ Ways To Test-Drive Your Transition Idea
  • ​How To Figure Out If You'll Like it (Before You Jump) 
  • ​Decision-Making Mastery For Avoiding Regret
  • ​Knee Jerk Reaction Or Solution? How To Find Out
  • ​How To Transition Faster Into Your "New" Thing
  • When (NOT) To Quit Your Job & When/How To Use Your Current Career/Job To Fund Your Transition
  • ​How To (Finally!) Decide What YOUR Best Career Or Own Business Options Are - Imagine The Relief!
  • ​How To Avoid Crazy Risks, Regret Or Ending Up Even Worse By Laying The Best Groundwork up Front
  • Wrap Up & Start Changing:  Know Exactly What To Focus On To Get YOUR Transition Off The Ground & Start Test-Driving - Sorted!😎
Get Personal Advice From Rikke, Self-Directed Learning At Your Own Pace & A Timeline To Motivate You To (Finally!)
Get Your Arse In Gear!

Apply Today To Get Access To These
 7 Advanced Bonus Masterclasses:

Designed to help YOU overcome the biggest blockers, myths and fears that keep 
overthinking and overwhelmed professionals stuck for years/decades!
Worried about starting from scratch, self-sabotage, having to make an all or nothing move or spend years working your way up the ladder before you become known or successful again? 

These advanced Masterclasses will show you how to effectively overcome
 and deal with each one of these - No more excuses!
How To Think Like A Career Changer 
(Aka Mental Onboarding)
The Missing piece - Step Zero - BEFORE You Even Begin!
I can teach you the best Framework in the world, but if YOU don't change the way you think about YOUR own career change (and thereby also change your actions & results) nothing will change. So we start right there, so you are set up for success right away.
Access: Immediate

  • ​The 3 UP FRONT Commitments You MUST Make IF you want to make your career transition inevitable & stop dabbling and wasting your time/life/potential away.
  • The Career Change Principles That Matter Most After 35 - THE 5 key principles my clients have consistently told me made all the difference (& saved them years of faffing about/overthinking). 
  • Stop Self-Sabotage: Overthinker? Multipassionate? No-Ideaster? Know the most damaging red flags (behaviours & thoughts) to identify + replace ASAP! If you are tired of continually finding yourself back at square one with your career change efforts, you need this!
  • Rikke's "Swiss-Knife" Concept: 
    The 3 most powerful questions to ask yourself to get unstuck at ANY stage in the process -
    This will come in handy ;) 
  • Know The Territory: The inconvenient truths you must accept + learn to handle effectively IF you want to change career after 35 in the new world of work (as opposed to waiting for the "perfect time" or until you've "found your passion"). 
  • ​How To Set Yourself Up To Complete The Program BEFORE You Even Start! If you've been "window shopping" for career change or business ideas until know - Let's talk about how to stop wasting your time and what to commit to prioritising instead - A frank & honest onboarding that will engineer real life results up front. 

Own Your Time
( How To Find Time To Change 
When You Work Full-Time) 

DO NOT waste any (more) time trying to find the perfect planner, time management "hack" or trying to cram more in - Especially if you are working a full-time job. Instead, let me show you how to reframe your relationship with time itself, so you can start investing it (much) better than you are likely doing right now!
 Access: Immediate (Phase 1)
  • ​How To Sustainably & Realistically Change Careers Without Burning Out Or Quitting Your Job Too Early. 
  • ​How To Create More Consistency & Momentum - Instead of all or nothing - And what to implement to ensure you KEEP going. 
  • ​Why You Must Tie Your New Identity (As A Career Changer) To Your Habits IF You Want To Feel Motivated On A Daily Basis. 
  • ​​Why Energy Management Will Always Beat Time Management When You Are Looking To Make A Change (& help you avoid burnout!).
  • ​The 3 Keystone Habits That Will Help You (Re)Define How You View (And Therefore Waste Or Invest) Your Time. 
  • ​​The Non-Negotiables: From figuring out the best time to work on your transition to ensuring you never go into a new week without a clear focus to setting and guarding your personal boundaries. 
  • ​How To Create Ring-Fenced Time Slots & Know Exactly What To Focus On From Now On To Get Your Transition Off The Ground. 
  • ​Spoiler Alert : You already have enough time to change careers or start that business - Time to invest it rather than waste it! 
How To NOT Start From Scratch
(The Importance Of Career Capital + Your Advantage Of Being 35+)
Your career transition is not just about you (if you want others to pay you/hire you) - It's vital to identify and build on existing career assets you've already spent years honing - So you don't have to go empty-handed into what's next with no negotiation or bargaining power. 
Access: 3 Weeks In (Phase 2)
  • ​ This Bonus Masterclass Will Show You How To Overcome the 3 Biggest Career Change Fears: Throwing It All Away, Starting From Scratch + Change Having To Be A Matter Of All Or Nothing!
  • ​The Identity Showstopper: Why you can't afford to attach your identity to your current profession IF you want to change careers or start a business + What to start dong right away instead. 
  • ​The Extraction Principles: How to go from feeling defined/limited by your current professional identity (i.e. "I'm a Lawyer - What Else Am I qualified to do?") to extracting elements you can own and build on in a new career /business.  
  • The Employee Mindset Fallacy - A big stumbling block to career change is to (continue to) think like an employee - Let me show you how to identify elements you personally own and continue to build on and negotiate with - No matter what you do next!
  • ​​Why Career Capital is not just (Transferable) Skills - And why you might have more than you think - Especially if you are over 35!
  • ​Hw To Thinking Like An Investor Will Help You Make The Smartest And Most Meaningful Choices When It Comes To Choosing Your Next Career Or Business - And minimise regret and avoid recreating the same pain points in your next move!

How To Become Known For
 Your New Thing - Faster!
(Creating Network & Reputation After 35)

Who you know and what you are known for is VITAL to get right - FAST - IF you want to move into a new line of work or start your own business - Discover the key areas you MUST focus on right away as a career changer or new entrepreneur in the new world of work!
 Access: 6 Weeks In (Phase 3)
  • How To Bypass Traditional Gatekeepers & Build Your Own Network: Benefit from the power shift towards online/digital networks and multiple opportunities to establish a new professional reputation  at any age and blaze your own trail. 
  • Non-Sleazy Networking and Intelligent Reputation Building Techniques: For introverts and people who hate blowing their own trumpet - You'll love what's possible thanks to internet leverage!
  • How To Gain Credibility Without Having To Back to University Or Spend Years Re-Training First (Unless you want to, of course)
  • ​Use Digital To Empower Your Transition instead Of Being intimidated By It: Most people who've only ever been employees have no idea just how much the power has shifted in favour of mid-career career changers  when it comes to creating work you love and becoming known and paid for it - Get up to speed!
  • ​Gatekeepers and old boys clubs are a dying breed: Learn how to piggyback onto this development if you want to transition into a new area faster and what's replacing it!
  • ​​Why Creating Public Proof Of Ability & Work Is Becoming As/More Important Than Traditional "Qualifications":  No more wasting time on useless "qualifications" or believing completing year-long degrees first is the only way to change!

Ready To Replace Your Sporadic DIY Stabs At Making A Change With Following A Proven Framework AND Getting 1:1 Advice?

I Can Help!

Imagine How Much Faster & Confidently You Can Change Careers When You Know Exactly What To Focus On & Do!

 What You Pay!

Let's Sum It All Up: 
Here's A Recap Of EVERYTHING
You'll Get Inside Your Career Change Map!

  • ​1 x Bespoke Career Change Review + Audio Prescription by Rikke ($2,500 Value)
  • ​6 x 1:1 Voicemail Checkins + Advice With Rikke ($3,900 Value)
  • ​Access To The Entire 15+ Masterclass Video Training Framework ($2,000 Value) 
  • ​BONUS: How To Think Like A Career Changer Masterclass ($249 Value) 
  • ​BONUS: How To Own Your Time Masterclass ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: How To NOT Start From Scratch After 35 Masterclass ($97 Value)
  • ​BONUS: How to Become Known For Your New Thing - Faster! ($97 Value)
Total Program Value: $8,940 USD

You Pay Only: $3,997 USD

(Payment Plan Also Available: 4 x $1,100 USD)  

No Worries: Payment Details Are Only Taken After Your Application Has Been Approved. 
The Full Fee For Joining Your Career Change Map is $3,997 USD &
You Can Get Started Right Away! (Unless There Is A Waiting List) 

The 14-Day Money Back Guarantee: 
 I offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee period if you believe the program is of unacceptable quality and does not match the curriculum description. But I also expect you to show me you've done the work first. Simply email me within the first 14 days of joining and share your completed Career Review Questionnaire and Workbook 1 and let me know what didn't work for you and I'll refund your money.

Join risk-free.
From too many ideas to committing to one
"I kept coming up with new business ideas & Then talking myself out of them...I would have been stuck for (another) decade If I hadn't joined!"
"My biggest issue was that I kept coming up with business ideas and trying them, but then I'd question myself and give up before I saw any real results. (Or, I'd talk myself out of them before I even started.) I also had a lot of ideas that I was halfway working on, instead of just really committing to one."

"Looking back, I cannot believe that I was so hesitant to commit to work with Rikke. All it took was one client to pay for itself. I'm positive I would've been stuck in that same cycle for another decade if I hadn't decided to take the leap."

"It's only been a year since working with Rikke, and I'm already starting to be known as the 'go to' person in my industry for what I do. Rikke helped me not only create a new career for myself, but create a career that didn't even exist. I'm literally the only person I've come across that's doing what I'm doing. I have more people reaching out to me for business than I have time, which is incredible."

Leah Z
"Jack Of AlL Trades" To 
Co-Working/Living Expert
US / Europe
From no idea to concrete business idea
From no idea to getting the idea for my own business in less than 3 months!
"This programme helped me spark the realisation that I am ready (and hungry!) to start up my own business."

"Before working with Rikke I knew I was in the wrong job, but had no idea what to do next or how to search for a more ideal fit. However, by Month 3 I had sparked an idea for a consultancy which brings together various sources of my success and happiness to date- Amazing outcome!"

"For me, Your Career Change Map helps catalyse and crystallise ideas that may have been lurking somewhere deep down inside. The programme structure is an amazing catalyst for change."
Sarah-Jane D.
From Innovation Employee To Consultancy Owner
now i understand why my jobs weren't right
From going around in circles (For 10 years!) to a clear plan and focused concept! 
"Prior to working with Rikke, I was really struggling to focus my career down to what I truly wanted. I had attended lots of talks, done loads of personality tests and read tons of books on career change, but I was no further forward. I just kept going around in circles and feeling more confused."

"Rikke helped me see who I was, my motivations, my strengths and natural abilities and helped me (at last!) focus on my future with definite actions and plans. It cleared my had for the first time in years and tied things together in an ordered way. It also helped me see why jobs in my past had not suited me and what would suit me in the future heading forward."

"Rikke has an excellent ability to see who you are as a person. I now know who I am and what I'm about, what excites me and how my career on my terms will look. Doing this on my own would have taken years (it had already taken some 10 years up to this point!)."
Ben P.
From Physiotherapy To Tourism Entrepreneur
UK / Globally
...Imagine Where YOU Could Be Just 4 Months From Now IF You Apply Today!
Here Are The Kind Of RESULTS My Clients Have Consistently Experienced After Actively Working Their Way Through My 3-Phase Framework, So This Could Be You Too: 
  •  Having figured out what YOUR best career change or (own) business options are AND already be test-driving them to find a winner!

  • Having already started to get rid of what causes you the most pain in your current job (and have lots more energy and focus to create what you really want instead).

  • ​Clear that you need a big change and having already designed your ideal career or own business, so you can start creating it!

  • ​Or relieved that you don't actually need a complete career change and that you (already!) have lots of skills and experiences that will help you get what you want next - Faster!

  • ​Having an up to date understanding of how the new world of work really works - And already be piggy-backing and benefitting from several concrete developments that help you fast-track your transition as a career changer after 35!

  • Knowing which of your (many!) ideas (or a unique combination of them!) is the one to go for - No more sidetracking or faffing about.

  • ​Realizing that you DO have what it takes to start your own business or chase down your dream job / career - Confidently!
FAQ - 
Frequently Asked Questions 
How Much Does It Cost?
Is There A Payment Plan Option?
$3,997 USD If you pay in full before you start the program.

 I also offer a payment plan of 4 x $1,100 USD (You pay $1,100 before you join, with $1,100 charged 30 days into the program, $1,100 charged 60 days later and $1,100 charged 90 days later). 

All payments are charged in USD (US $) - No matter where in the world you live. 
What's Your Refund Policy?

I offer an honest 14-Day Money Back Guarantee period if you believe the program is of unacceptable quality and does not match the curriculum description. But I also expect you to show me you've done the work first. 

Simply email me within the first 14 days of joining and share your completed Career Review Questionnaire and Workbook 1 and let me know what didn't work for you and I'll refund your money.
When Can I Start & How Long Does It Last/Do I Get Access?
You can get started right away (if/once your application has been accepted, you've paid (in full or have started your payment plan) & as long as there isn't a waiting list). 

This active 4-months program which includes personal advice from Rikke runs for 4 months from the date you join.

Note: You Get An Extra 8 Months Streaming Access To The Masterclasses So You Can Keep Up Momentum. 

I Work Full-Time. How Much Time Do I Need To Spend On This? 
Most of my clients have completed Your Career Change Map whilst also working a full-time job at the same time. The program is designed with that in mind. 

I recommend committing about 3.5-4 hours/ week to your career change initially and then increase for faster results. You can watch the pre-recorded Masterclasses whenever it suits you (Each of the 3 Phases has between 4-7 hours of video training + Allow time for implementation). 

Our 1:1 Voicemail Check-ins are asynchronous - As long as I have your most burning questions submitted by the First & Third Thursday of the month at 8am UK/3am EST (months 2-4), you'll get a reply!

Here's the truth: Investing actual time in your career transition is the ONLY way it will happen! With this step-by-step program you'll know exactly what to focus on + do at each stage, so it actually saves you time! 
Is This Only For Corporate Professionals Or Those Over 35? 
The majority of my clients are professionals (law/finance/IT/marketing/HR etc.) in their 30s & 40s+, so the framework, strategies, and language used inside Your Career Change Map reflect that. 

However,  I've also had quite a few clients from other backgrounds over the years (I even helped a priest!) who have equally found Your Career Change Map invaluable. 
What my clients all tend to have in common is at least 5 years+ experience of the working world and solid experience/track record in their current field to build on. But now they want to do something different. 

If in doubt - Fill out the application form and I'll get back to you with an honest answer. I'm as keen as you are to make sure we get on like a house on fire!
Is This Only For People Who Want To Start Their Own Business? 
No - Careers too. Your Career Change Map is designed to help you decide what YOUR best options are for what's next - That might be another career or it might be a business (but it might also also be something completely different or just getting out of a toxic job/boss scenario) - Which is why I recommend keeping your options open - Especially at the beginning.

Let's make sure  we identify your real career problems first, so we can find a solution that will actually solve them and make your work more meaningful (rather than being even worse than now!).

 Insisting on a certain type of solution before you even know your problem is not recommend!
That's the advantage of this program over programs that are only geared towards finding another career or only geared towards starting a business. 
Who Is This NOT For? 
Who Should Not Apply? 
If you have less than 5 years experience of the world of work or don't have a profession or solid track record in your current line of work - This is not for you. 

Or if you are only looking for another job/career ASAP with the exact same status/benefits/bonuses etc. and are not willing/open to make any changes in your work or personal life or think differently about you career - This is not for you.

Please don't apply if you need/want A LOT of handholding,  personal attention or  support - That's not possible to offer via a program like this. 

Let's make sure we get on like a house on fire - If in doubt - Email 
Who Is This Ideal For? 
Who Will Get The Best Results? 
You're a smart professional in your 30s, 40s or 50s (or have at least 5 years experience of the world of work) who wants to work with an experienced expert to fast-track and focus your transition. 

You want personal advice and guidance. But you are also a self-starter who is able to follow a proven video training framework to guide you through the process of figuring out what's next for you. 

You are willing to get out of your comfort zone/head  AND start applying what you learn by taking action in your own life and career - This ain't a Netflix binge ;). 

If you like The Career Change Podcast, you are going to LOVE Your Career Change Map - Apply now!
Apply Now If You Want To Work With Me + Know EXACTLY What To Focus On & Do Over The Next 4 Months (Or Faster) To Figure Out What's Next For You! 
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